Tickle Me Eggplant

After years of frustration growing eggplant and not getting any fruit but tons of flowers I decided to pollinate the flower myself and guess what….it worked!

To do this you will need

  1. Your finger or a cotton swab
  2. An eggplant with flowers
  3. A love for delicious eggplant

After the flowers start to mature use your finger or a cotton swab and gently swirl it in the yellow pollen. Next, gently dab the stigma (see picture below) with the pollen. This action will set the fruit production in motion and you will soon be enjoying your eggplant in abundance.

Since applying this technique my eggplants have been loaded (see picture below) and this technique can be used with any type of fruit or vegetable that flowers and requires pollination.

Now go out there and start tickling those flowers!

13744370956381374437113983    100_1746eggplant bush

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