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Lantana, Native

This Lantana, also known as Wild Sage or Buttonsage, is a Florida native with white flower and vivid purple berries. It is both drought and salt tolerant, has fragrant leaves, and is a...
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Porterweed, Native

This Porterweed is the Florida native with bluish purple flowers. It has a low, sprawling habit and blooms throughout the year. It is a great plant for butterfly gardens and a native landscape....
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Snow Squarestem

Also known as ‘Salt and Pepper’ for its white flowers with black centers, this Florida Native ground cover is perfect for your butterfly garden as it’s a must needed nectar source for butterflies...
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Blue Mistflower

This Florida Native is a nectar-rich, butterfly magnet to say the least. They grow in clusters and re-seed easily as wildflowers do so they are perfect to use as a fill plant. They...
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‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ Southern Red Cedar

The ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ Southern Red Cedar is a dense growing, brand new cultivar.  It is a drought tolerant Florida native that is resistant to spider mites and fungus.  With Northern looking foliage and...
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Skyblue Clustervine

Skyblue Clustervine is a beautiful Florida native with dainty blue flowers.  This vine is very salt tolerant and can be used on a fence or trellis, or as a groundcover.  Skyblue Clustervine attracts...
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White Ironwood

This rare Florida Native shrub also known as Inkwood have inconspicuous white flowers spring through summer with small black berries following throughout the fall. They are mostly used as an accent plant and...
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Snowberry, Pineland

Pineland Snowberry is a low sprawling Florida Native shrub.  It is only found in South Florida and the Bahamas.  The leaves and overall plant size are much smaller than the Common Snowberry.  The...
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