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  • FREE Membership
  • SPECIAL offers and promotions
  • Unadvertised in-store specials
  • Earn “VIP Club” certificates good towards purchasing merchandise
  • Sneak Previews of new merchandise
  • Enrollment: To receive your FREE card and key tag, just fill out the application.  Enrollment is easy and immediate
  • Only Florida Nursery Mart’s “VIP Club” members will be on our mailing list
  • Receive 1 card and 1 key tag
  • The use of each card/tag contributes to your total purchases


Florida Nursery Mart’s VIP Club program is design to reward our loyal customers!

As a member, your entitled to special reward certificates you accumulate by purchasing merchandise.

Earning Your VIP Club Certificates

Just have your card or key tag scanned at the register every time that you make a purchase.  The only way to earn “VIP Club” rewards is to have your  card scanned before your purchase is rung up.  “VIP Club” rewards cannot be credited to your account after your transaction is complete.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Florida Nursery Mart is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.  Therefore, you have our word that the information you give us will remain strictly confidential.

We promise that we will not sell any personal identifying information (name, address, phone number) to any person, company, organization or agency.


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