Attract birds and butterflies to your landscape with South Florida Native Plants. Visit us for Broward’s largest selection!

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Our nursery has over 500 varieties of shrubs, trees, ground covers, and fruit trees.

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We have a variety of sand and soils available in bulk or by the bag.

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Fields of fresh cut St. Augustine Sod.  Take it home by the pallet or by the piece.  Professional delivery available.

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Huge selection of natural stone and landscaping rock including many hard to find items.

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Why Plant Native:

  • Encourage Biodiversity
  • Provide Food & Habitat for Songbirds
  • Great for Pollinators like Butterflies & Hummingbirds
  • Adapted to Local Climate (Use Less Resources, Save Water and Money)
  • Honor the Heritage of South Florida
  • They're Beautiful!

Shop here for the largest selection of native plants around!
Yellow Tops
Pineland Croton
Shrub Thoroughwort
Wooly Pyramidflower
Seaside Goldenrod
Scorpion Tail
Starburst Clerodendrum

If THIS is what winter looks like in South Florida....then lucky us! This showstopper is blooming all over town and if you want it, we got it. Grow it as a bush or a small tree, enjoy its numerous flower clusters in the winter and spring, and take note of the cool two-toned leaves that make it extra special.

Plant your own strawberry pickin' patch!
Watch them go from bloom to fruit, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor. Easy to grow and sweet as can be.

Our Delivery Area

We delivery to Broward, West Palm, and Miami-Dade counties.
Live outside our delivery area? Pickup is available! Just call ahead and we'll have your order ready when you arrive.
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