Q?On my lawn, I’ve developed brown spots sporadically on the lawn. Any ideas on what this could be?

This can be a fungus that will start up when the grass is getting to much water. Use a product called captan, we have it at the store, and cut back on the watering to twice a week.

Q?How do you go about mounding impatiens so nicely as I see them all over?

After you plant them, fertilize and then water once every 2-3 days. The mounding is the way they grow naturely.
If yours are in to much shade they will tend to stretch for the sun.

Q?What treatment do you recommend for black spot on roses?

Black spot can be controlled with systemic fungicide or a product called rose defense.  We carry both products, click here for more info about our fungicides.

Q?My new neighbor just planted small ficus plants along the fence line. We both have inground pools and I’ve heard so many horror stories about these plants. Will these plants become a problem to my inground pool as they mature. And if they are such a nuciance why are they allowed?

There are a few variables involved in determining if these ficus will make a problem for your pool. First is proximity to your pool, and second is what your neighbor’s intentions are with regards to how big he/she will let them grow. The size of the root system is relative to how tall the ficus are allowed to grow. Without knowing this information I cannot say for sure if this constitutes a problem. But, even if the ficus hedge was allowed to grow to 6 feet tall, I would be against planting them within 10 feet of the pool or plumbing.
And to answer the second part: In many cities it is not allowed to plant ficus as trees, especially as City Specification trees in swales or front lawns. Many Town Associations have lists of plants that are not acceptable.

Q?How do I get my Bougainvillea to flower / bloom?

No matter where bougainvilleas are they have the same requirements for healthy growth and blooming.

  1. Plenty of bright sunlight, at least five hours of full sun per day.
  2. Moderate to low humidity, high humidity will deter bougainvilleas from flowering.
  3. Fertilizer, we actually manufacture our own special blend especially for bougainvilleas that provides the nutrients required for flowering.

I have seen some of the prettiest bougainvilleas in the driest regions of the earth. Our special blend bougainvillea fertilizer formulation has less nitrogen, which causes leaf and stem growth, and more of the necessary elements for flowering. It is a slow release fertilizer lasting for 2-3 months. If you are interested in obtaining a 2.5 lb. canister from us we have them for sale here.  If your bougainvillea is receiving plenty of sunlight, then either humidity or fertilizer or both is the problematic factor.

Q?I bought a small palm tree and suspect that I need to repot it. What kind of soil mixture would you recommend? Also, what is the best fertilizer to use and how often should I fertilize (and water)?

You’re right. More than likely the palm will need a bigger container. It is necessary when keeping plants in pots that a good light airy mix be used. We use a potting soil mix containing peat, compost, perlite, sand, and an ant/insect deterrent. This mix allows water to be held in the pot while the perlite breathes air into it. We sell it by the bag. With palms, fertilizer is crucial because they require a specific amount of micro-elements. It lasts for 3 months until you need another application. Water will depend upon the environment it’s in. Amount of sun, rainfall, and size pot will determine watering. Generally, 2-3 times a week when in a larger size pot.

Q?Do you carry any citrus trees?

Yes we have a wide selection of citrus trees. All different varieties of oranges, lemons. limes, grapefruits, tangelos, kumquats, plus more! Different sizes are available also.

Q?Do you offer delivery and if so, what is the charge to downtown Fort Lauderdale? Thanks!

Yes, we deliver everything we offer. The standard cost for delivery is $50 for your plants, mulch, rock and soils in Broward County (Dade and Palm Beach Counties is $75). For sod pallets there is an additional cost if more than 1 is ordered.

Q?I have a Jatropha tree in Florida that is starting to wilt any idea why? What is needed to spray?

I would say first to check the amount of water it gets. More than likely, with all of the rain we’ve had this isn’t a problem. The other side to this is over-watering. Jatropha Trees need little water. Another key item to check is for insect. Jatrophas can get a scale insect which grows on the stems of the tree. They look like small circles or scales that can be removed with a fingernail. Another insect is white mealy bug, which looks like white fuzzies on the underside of leaves of new growth. Both of these can be treated with Malathion Oil when used weekly to eliminate the infestation.

Q?Do you have herbs?

Yes, but we carry them seasonally starting in November. We always have seeds in our garden center.

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