2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for the gardener extraordinaire, a nature enthusiast, or an amatuer with a budding interest, we’ve got you covered. Check out these ten gift ideas for the plant lover in your life.

1. Fruit Trees

Give the gift that keeps on giving and giving, year after year! Gift your loved one a fruit tree that reminds them of home, or something exotic and delicious. We’ve got Mango, Guava, Grape Vines, Soursop, Avocado, Jackfruit, Starfruit and so much more!

2. Succulents or Cactus

If you’ve got a trendy friend on your list, or maybe a relative who needs a plant that requires minimal care, a cactus or succulent is the gift for them. See our variety of assorted succulents/cactus and, very appropriate for the season- Christmas Cactus!

3. House Plants

Indoor plants have been shown to help reduce stress and really add to the aesthetics of a home. What’s a better gift than that? Check out our Aglaonema, ZZ Plant, Monstera, Bamboo Palm, and more.

4. Talavera Pottery

These colorful and festive pots are hand painted in Mexico. We have several beautiful patterns available, as well as Talavera statues and pieces to hang on the wall. Frogs and lizards tend to be popular!

5. Big Bag Bed

Grow veggies or flowers “the easy way” with the Big Bag Bed. No need to build a raised bed. Just fill the Big Bag Bed with potting soil and plant away. Three different sizes are available.

6. Poinsettia

Don’t forget the host or hostess of that Christmas party you’re attending! Share the holiday spirit and bring a poinsettia as a gesture of gratitude. Or, ya know, treat yourself and decorate your own home! Multiple sizes available.

7. Flowers

….but not cut flowers that only last a few days. A flowering PLANT can bring joy and beauty for years to come. Pick something fragrant, or a flower that attracts butterflies.

8. Herbs & Vegetables

If you know someone who likes to cook (or eat for that matter), a gift basket of vegetable and herb plants is the perfect present. Everyone likes a plant that’s useful. We have favorites like Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, and Chives, or Lemon Balm if you need something more uncommon.

9. Native Plants

A Florida native that serves as a food source and habitat for butterflies or birds would be a great gift for the nature lover in your life. Honor their passion, help restore South Florida and choose from our huge selection of native plants.

10. Florida Nursery Mart Gift Card

Or, there’s always letting them pick out whatever they want to make their yard or home look great! Ask about gift cards at the register.

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Here at Florida Nursery Mart we have over 100 years of combined botanical knowledge. We pride ourselves on providing honest advice with honest prices.
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