2023 New Year’s Resolution Ideas (#PlantGoals)

Alongside those health, fitness and decluttering goals, make sure you don’t neglect the hobbies and activities that bring you joy! If you love gardening, (or want to like gardening), there are great reasons to include it in your New Year’s Resolutions. Spending time in your garden helps connect you to nature, which lowers anxiety and improves your mood. Here are five ideas to help you feel good about sprucing up your yard.

#1 Switch to Plants that Need Less Water

If you want a goal that will save you money and is good for the environment, add some drought tolerant plants to your yard. Otherwise known as xeriscaping, less dependence on irrigation helps conserve water resources. Good for the Earth & good for your pocket.

#2 Create a Native Oasis

Pick a corner of your yard to provide natural habitat, food and shelter for birds and pollinators. Many native plants are drought tolerant, which can help you with Resolution #1. They also tend to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds.

#3 Add Edible Plants to Your Garden

Why not grow something that’ll look nice and feed you, too? You can plant herbs, vegetables, or fruit trees. If you’re focusing on your health, plant trees like Moringa or for their many health benefits. It’s also a great time to plant tomatoes and peppers- we just got Everglades Tomato for the first time!

#4 Greenify Your Indoor Space

Studies have shown that houseplants reduce stress. If that’s not enough of a reason, you could go for that Pinterest-perfect look you’ve always dreamed of…but really, even just a few plants scattered around will really add to the feel of your home. You don’t have to go crazy to bring a little greenery in, and if trying to get it Instagram worthy is stressing you out, it defeats the whole purpose! Aim for happy and healthy this year- you’re doing your best.

#5 Start Your Own Sanctuary

If you want a space to relax and rejuvenate, include a bench in some shade, add a water feature, or create a pathway with natural flagstone. Use cobblers or skippers in your planting bed to really get that zen look. Let 2023 be the year that you slow down a little, and get outside more.

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